• Appraisal and negotiation of aircraft lease and purchase agreements relating to commercial and technical aspects;
• On-site technical evaluation of customer’s aircraft;
• On-site technical inspection / acceptance of aircraft / records;
• Preparation of aircraft / records for delivery and redelivery;
• Set-up of maintenance departments for airlines;
• On-site representation at customer’s selected engine shops, airframe check facilities and APU shops;
• Brokering of aircraft charters and wet leases for both passenger and cargo aircraft

Provision of Personnel

• Line maintenance engineers for customer’s aircraft type. Specialized aircraft types include A320, A330, B737 and B747 series aircraft;
• Required personnel including management staff in line engineering, technical services, planning, engineering, powerplant maintenance and quality assurance.


All line engineering support including:

• On-site on-wing maintenance of airframe (up to A checks), engines, APU and landing gears;
• Set-up, maintain and manage all aircraft / engine records;
• Planning of all aircraft checks and power plant removal and installation

Line Maintenance

Safeair Technical Services, Inc. (SATSI) is a high-caliber provider of quality third-party line maintenance services. We are committed to be on call 24/7 to provide customized services to our Carrier customers. The comprehensive Line Maintenance services offered include:

• Transit, Daily, Weekly checks
• Turn-around and overnight maintenance
• A-check
• Defects rectification
• Component changes

Specialized Maintenance

Aside from the routine Line Maintenance activities, we also provide specialized maintenance services on a wide variety of aircraft/engine types.

• Boroscope inspection
• Engine change
• Fuel tank entry and fuel leak repair

Ground support

SATSI has forged alliances with other service support companies and has tapped their resources to better serve the Carrier customer. To-date SATSI has the full support of these companies to provide the equipment necessary to speed up any task on hand:

• Tow-tractor
• Air start unit
• Air conditioning unit
• High-lift, cherry picker